Social Network in Chile

The Social Network Science in Chile presumably was developed in the early ‘90 and has grown in the last decades on more than 17 universities from around the country. Currently, there is no formal Community of the Social Network Science in Chile or a postgraduate program with an emphasis exclusively on these topics.

In CHISOCNET a Chilean researcher is considered as any researcher that works in a Chilean Institutions (such as University, Research Centre, or Research Institute, or in general any national institution), has Chilean funding from the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT), with Chilean nationality or a permanent residence in this country dedicated to investigate in areas related to the Social Network Science.

However, any researcher that is interested in participates actively in the development of the Social Network Science in Chile, or Latin America is more than welcome to become an international associate member of this group.

To know more about the Social Network Science in Chile:

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